Creating an ideal partnership

Strategy, Brand Identity, Website

The local government pension sector is entering a period of consolidation, with many organisations merging or coming together in some way. We worked with The London Pensions Fund Authority and Lancashire County Pension Fund on the creation of a new pensions entity that required a clear and specific brand strategy, and initial brand assets to support its launch.

The LPFA and LCPF are pioneers in the government's pooling efforts. This was a pivotal collaboration to get right as they had many audiences looking at them for inspiration and guidance.

We had three months to engage key stakeholders who all had different requirements and bring them along the journey. We had to create an identity that would become the building blocks for all communication, and build a web platform that would give them the foundations to grow. With strong project management and some smart use of time we were able to do all of this within the time given.

The Local Pensions Partnership is currently in launch phase.