The Vote for Bob campaign

Campaign Identity, Web Platform

During the noisy lead-in to an election getting 121,000 nature supporters to persuade 1,098 political candidates that a ‘Vote for Bob’ (a cute squirrel) is a ‘vote for nature’ is no easy task. But with a fun UX and a clever back end that’s exactly what we managed to achieve with The RSPB.

The experience

Bob's campaign needed a digital platform that would inspire supporters to get involved and persuade political candidates to sign up. After successfully helping the RSPB through two iterations of the online campaign, a first for the organisation, we are now implementing a devolved election version.

We stylised illustrations of indigenous species that are under pressure in our immediate environment. These ’friends’ of Bob help to show that each stage completed by the user brings another character on to the landscape – a fun way to encourage people to complete the task of contacting their local politicians.

The platform features personalised pages and a dashboard displaying key campaign stats and engaging content was developed for supporters to consume and share the latest from Bob.

The technology

A multi-device website was delivered on a custom cloud-based infrastructure with auto-scaling to cope with high volume traffic. The user journey encouraged supporters to upload statements and pictures to the site and an integrated tool gave RSPB the ability to moderate and publish user generated content.

A flow of email communications are the catalyst for action and user data is securely encrypted and stored.

The results

In the general election Bob's campaign rallied 120,890 supporters to sign up, who sent 44,434 messages, that influenced 1,098 out of 3,000 political candidates to back the campaign. The success of Bob is continuing to grow, have you contacted your politician yet?

"This collaboration exceeded our expectations of what we could achieve with Bob. We didn’t just hit our targets we went well past them in the lead up to the general election and now have a new strong base of supporters to shape our future campaigns with."

Jonny Wright, Head of Brand, Innovation and Planning